Cultivating a More Mindful Well-Being


Yoga connects people. I believe it’s a community of non-judgement, positivity and good energy. My goal is to create and hold that positive space for my students.
— Tanya Clark
My Background...

I've always been in the realm of competitive sports, from T-ball and little league to high school softball onto collegiate basketball. Always on the go, attempting to get from one space to the next as timely and as efficiently as I could. Never really experiencing the moment in the here and now. 

I moved to San Francisco in 2011 after accepting an assistant women's basketball coaching position at an NCAA DII school. I found the practice of Yoga when I moved to San Francisco and it changed my life in many ways. I found a deeper sense of self and my mat was the only place I felt grounded and balanced.  After I resigned from coaching, I embarked on a new journey and made the decision to explore Yoga at a deeper level. 



My MIssion....

My mission is to give people an uplifting feeling of joy; to share my infectious energy while having my own sense of humility. If I can assist people in finding a piece of magic in their day, make them laugh a bit and have them leaving class with a sense of empowerment and hope,  I will be fulfilled!

I strongly believe that when people are able to practice yoga, and are open to the practice, they make themselves vulnerable to having a sense of stability and a better sense of self. It’s truly a gift and I want to make that gift that I intend to keep on giving for as long as I'm able to!


Photo Cred: Tammy Hagans

Power Song: "River" - Bishop Briggs

Favorite Pose: Natarajasana