Cultivating a More Mindful Well-Being
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About J+D


Hospitality Wellness


SOOOOO….......First of all welcome to Jigger and Dash! I’m so excited to be on this journey called life and I’m very thankful to be following the path in assisting in giving people a better sense of health and self! Here is a little tidbit about me:

I am a retired college basketball coach that has been in the hospitality industry for 13 years. I’ve grown so much in this industry and have made many amazing connections! I am now a yoga instructor in San Francisco and bartend at few spots around The City including Churchill and Halcyon. I've spent 15 plus years learning about fitness and health through sports, coaching and fitness clinics. My dream of colliding the hospitality industry with my love of health and wellness is finally coming true! I’m very blessed to have so much support from friends, family, liquor reps, fellow industry professionals and business owners. It takes a village and the time is finally here!

There has not yet been a wellness space that is industry specific and what I’ve created is very accessible and approachable. There are fitness classes that are held at appropriate times that make sense for industry and workshops that are available which will educate people on nutrition, financial wellness and mental health. There will be so many fun events and collaborations as well as a unique incentive program.From front of house to back of house, we deal with so much during our shifts and we spend hours on end serving people with our switch turned “on”. It’s time for a shift in mindset when it comes to taking care of our mind, body and soul! This program is built for the hospitality world, but is open to ANYONE that may have free afternoons or just want to attend kick ass wellness events.

Jigger and Dash has the potential to bring people together in a different way and allow people to build relationships outside of the workplace, outside of the scene. You only live once, make it a great a life!