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3 on 3 Industry Basketball


When: Monday, January 14th

Where: Soldiertown in Oakland (Formally known as Jamtown)

31 4th Street, Oakland 94607

Tip-Off: 1:00 p.m.


8 teams

3 on 3 half court with one sub

Coin toss to determine who starts with the ball

15 minute games or first to 15 by ones and twos

5 minute warm-up period between games, unless teams finish before the 15 minute game is up

2 game guarantee

1 Referee for each game (Cameron George + Tanya Clark)

There will be extra competitions in between games

If two teams are tied at the end of 15 minutes, the first team to score the next bucket wins

Winner of the tournament gets bragging rights and prizes


Belvedere will be serving up cocktails in the upstairs conference room. We ask you to drink responsibly. There will be a liability waiver for you to sign before you step on the court. This is an event to bring our community together, have some fun and friendly competition. We ask that you be respectful to all, players, refs and fans. We reserve the right to have anyone escorted out that we feel is not in compliance with good sportsman like conduct. If you are on a team and get escorted out, your entire team will be disqualified and out of the competition. If you have questions about any of the above, please e-mail and we will be happy to explain anything in more detail.