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Woodford Beyond the Bar: Good Eats With Chef Trent

Join us as we host yet another healthy cooking class! This class is sponsored by the Beyond the Bar Series with Woodford Reserve. Chef Trent from Spice Tribe will be curating our class and giving us all of the tips + tricks for healthy, organic cooking.

This edition will be more interactive! Chef Trent is going to teach us how to make curry, a traditional Indian dish. We will learn how to use aromatics and spices to take your food to a whole new level. Think Thai Coconut Curry + Moroccan Style Stew.

There will be healthy dips to snack on while we put in that hard work in the kitchen. If you've never experienced one of out healthy cooking classes, now is the time!!

*Location of the class is in the link*

(This event is sponsored, so there is no fee)